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The abstract is a learning task in which teachers select and review 7-10 sources of literature on this topic. The abstract is not his scientific development, but only contains acquaintance with the existing views of various authors and scientists on this topic, abstract sources of literature. Usually, the abstract is 10-15 pages of printed text, depending on the requirements for writing an abstract, a simple plan of several (2-4) items, introduction, conclusion, bibliography from 7-10 sources. The percentage of abstract uniqueness is usually 70-80%.

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At you can order an essay, order an essay on philosophy, essay on sociology, psychology, order an essay on political science, art, order an essay on social work, pedagogy, foreign philology, order an essay on history, economic theory (economics), finance, accounting and auditing, logistics, you can order an essay on jurisprudence (law), administrative law, civil law, constitutional law, criminal law, you can order an essay on ethics, aesthetics, logic, IT, chemistry, physics, medical science. You can order essays on from all humanities and technical disciplines.

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To determine the price of an abstract or order an abstract, first send the topic of the abstract, the number of pages, the conditions of its creation, the method, the approved plan of the abstract, provided in an email or website Then, the authors of will contact you via the Internet and explain the details of ordering an abstract – the cost of writing an abstract, the process of ordering an abstract, and the process of payment and acceptance of the abstract.

In addition to the preparation of abstracts on request, can order the preparation of dissertations, essays, scientific articles on request, you can order the preparation of a business plan, academic reports, presentations, practice reports. also conducts all other research work for university students. always quickly and professionally translate any text, abstracts on request. Please email your assignment and enter dates.

Thesis to order

The thesis is a scientific work that consists of three parts. The structure of each part of the work is individual for each university and is governed by guidelines. The most typical is the working structure into three main parts, which divide the work tasks:

  • The theoretical part of the thesis (review of literature sources on the topic of the thesis, the study of basic theoretical approaches to the study of the thesis);
  • The analytical part of the thesis (analysis of the thesis (for example, companies), analysis of the current state and trends in this area following the subject of the thesis, the absence of trends in the work;
  • Recommended part of the thesis (development of own proposals for solving the problem, calculation of the economic effect of the proposed activity). Applications are usually attached to each part of the dissertation.

The structure of the work often includes the following elements: abstract, opinion (report), appendices, list of terms and abbreviations, general conclusions, list of references (from sources), indicating references or footnotes to the text of the work. The thesis usually lasts 80-120 pages, and the average uniqueness of the work is about 70-100%. If you need another uniqueness of the work, let know when ordering the work, and you will be notified of the final price of such a project.

If you want to know the cost of the diploma or order another type of research work, first of all, send to the topic of the dissertation, the number of pages, the terms of writing the thesis, the approved plan of the thesis. Then you will be explained all the details of the price of the work, payment, receipt of the work, and other details on the preparation of the thesis on request.

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